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Boat trips - Pointe du Raz

What if your best adventure was with Audierne Yachting?

The Pointe du Raz in half a day

From 115 € / person
7 people maximum
Your skipper
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Name : René Savin

Skipper Expert


Duration : 1/2 day

Level : Beginner

Season : July - August

Your trip
Our partner

Audierne Yachting offers families or groups of people up to 6 people, a unique and unmissable sea trip, a coastal sea trip from Audierne to Pointe du Raz in half a day aboard the Atlantis sailboat and its expert skipper, René SAVIN.

The boat

Our activity is subject to weather conditions.


To make this experience in the best conditions, we invite you to stay several days in Cap Sizun and to reserve your place in advance, preferably at the start of your stay in the event that we have to postpone your excursion.

If you need accommodation in a boat at the quay the day before your boarding, we can offer you, depending on availability, an unusual night at the quay in a double cabin, or an unusual and romantic (private) night aboard the Atlantis sailboat.

Route map
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Today's program
Phare de la Vieille dans le Raz de Sein à la Pointe du Raz
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You will discover the beauty of the coast, a succession of sheltered ports up to Pointe du Raz.


You will be moved in front of the Pointe du Raz, a mineral monument standing in front of the ocean, you will be able to discover "Plogoff's Hell", a fault which pierces it, see the effects of the powerful currents which traverse the Raz at the gates of the sea d'Iroise, Biosphere Reserve. You will admire the majestic lighthouse of La Vieille and on starboard in the distance, the lighthouse of Tévennec before seeing the island of Sein emerging on the horizon. Perhaps you will even spot liners, those small, powerful motor boats with one man angling for bass that you can then sample in our best restaurants in Audierne.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

If the sea conditions allow it, René, the only master on board, will take you to the Raz de Sein garden via the Trouz Yar, a passage that only initiates and fishermen take. If you have this privilege, you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama.

In any case, this unique encounter with the "beginning of time" (Penn ar Bed in Breton) and these places remain etched in your memory for a long time.

The tariff

From 99 € / pers (6 people maximum)

  • A place aboard Atlantis boat with a professional skipper

  • Safety jacket

  • Diesel fuel

  • Insurance

  • Sailboat cleaning

  • Barnier tax / protected natural areas 1.70 € / pers

  • Lunch on the island

Not included


  • sun protection index 50 and after sun

  • Sunglasses

  • Cap, hat

  • Bath towel

  • Warm (fleece) windproof clothing

  • Remember to take cash, there is no cash dispenser on the islands, restaurants generally accept credit card payments.

  • Avoid taking valuables

Important : Due to the Covid 19 health crisis, this service had to be suspended in 2020. It will be restored in 2021 on presentation of a health pass before boarding for individual passengers as well as for groups of people, failing this, Wearing a mask remains compulsory in close-quarters situations and when traveling inside the sailboat.

Veillée crépusculaire à la Pointe du Raz




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